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DX Technology
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DX Technology

Our Technology Development and Transfer Department's independent research and development activities are focused on developing reduction cell technologies that offer improved productivity, capacity and efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of environmental conservation. These efforts have produced, inter alia, proprietary DUBAL DX Technology, with the first generation DX Technology cells having been commissioned in 2005 as prototypes in a five-cell pilot operation.

A comprehensive study into the capabilities of the five pilot DX Technology cells, undertaken by three of the top world experts in the aluminium industry, confirmed that the cells perform strongly and steadily; and produce successfully at a high amperage of more than 350 kA. In 2007, following a series of improvements to the cell design and components, anode configuration, shell, process control, busbars, superstructure and operational practices, the second generation DX Technology cells was introduced.

In February 2008, we commissioned 40 of these improved DX Technology cells at industrial scale within our Jebel Ali smelter, in an operational area known as Potline 8. At present, the line runs at 380 kA. As shown in the table below, Potline 8 demonstrates on an industrial scale the outstanding performance of DX technology.

KPI DX Technology
(Potline 8)
(17 months of operation at 380 kA, November 2010 to March 2012)
Amperage 380 kA
Specific energy consumption 13.21 kWh/kg Al
Current efficiency 95.2 per cent
Output 2.91 t Al/pot/day
AE frequency 0.05/pot/day
PFC emissions 10 kg CO2eq / t Al
Carbon consumption 0.419 kg C/kg Al
Aluminium purity 99.93 per cent

Advancements of DUBAL high amperage reduction cell technologies

Potline 8, DUBAL

DX Potline Cell

Potline 8

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